10-Year-Old Girl Holds Conference on Confidence

10-Year-Old Girl Holds Conference on Confidence

By Monique John


Olivia Allen, not yet even a middle schooler, is spreading her #blackgirlmagic all over her neighborhood as a budding philanthropist and role model for her peers.

This 10-year-old from Louisville, KY held a free conference late last month called: “I Can Be: Girls Confidence Conference.” In an interview with The Huffington Post, Allen remarked that she organized the event to give back in her hometown.

“There are a lot of people in our community and if I help someone, they’ll help someone else… and it will be a cycle.”

Approximately 50 girls between the ages of eight and 12 attended with their parents. Sessions comprised of teachings on physical, social and psychological issues young girls face, especially with morale.

Allen saw the demand for talking about self-esteem challenges through her own experiences and through observing other young girls at the onset of puberty. While her classmates were off at camp and playing in the summer sun, Allen used her recess to plan the event, contracting motivational speakers like Barbara Sexton Smith and Ashley D. Miller. The event was financially supported by Allen’s mother, Anitra Allen. Anitra says that her daughter has always had a kind, giving spirit and went on to say that she has always encouraged Olivia to help in whatever way she can in her neighborhood. It appears that Anitra has been doing a fabulous job of that, as Olivia has already held toy and food drives for Kosair Charities. The drives were organized to provide for homeless and underprivileged children.

Olivia says this won’t be her last conference for girls, and that we’ll soon be hearing of the next one she organizes for her community. Her mother asserts that following up with another conference like “I Can Be” is essential to her daughter’s goals, saying:

“The importance of having a conference like this is to show girls what they can be…Confidence is one of those things that can dictate what you decide to do and that will influence who you think you are.”


Source:: BlackAmericaWeb.com


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