Remembering Our Own Journey: Post- Election Statement

Remembering Our Own Journey: Post- Election Statement


Yesterday morning, many of us woke up with mixed emotions, a lot of them heavy. Know that your feelings, whatever they may be, are valid. People of color, in particular black people, have felt the brunt of systemic oppression throughout our lives. Yet, the events that have taken place over the course of this election season, seem to have evoked a different monstrous form of racism, misogyny, and xenophobia.

Our nation has decided the next step in its political journey, but let us not forget our own.

The Black Swan Academy was created to empower black youth through civic leadership and engagement. We believe that it is our pride, our purpose, and our power that will liberate those historically oppressed. Today is no different. Though the journey may be difficult, we face the challenge head on.

While the headlines will focus elsewhere; we pause to acknowledge that many of us have seen the fruit of building power and leadership within our own communities (even in this election). We know true change occurs at the state and local level. We know true change comes when people of color, especially youth of color are at the decision making table and leading efforts that ultimately impact our everyday lives. We will do our part to foster an environment in which our youth can lead. With your continued support we will build, organize and ignite the power that rests within them, their families and the communities we are in relationship with.

Yours In Love & Solidarity,

The Black Swan Academy


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